UNIZIK School Fee Schedule 2021/2022 is Out

The school fee schedule given below comprises of fees to be paid by newly admitted undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as returning undergraduate and postgraduate students.

  • All new students fees is from N95,000 and N102,000
  • Returning students fees is from N25,300 and N53,000 UNIZIK School Fee Schedule

School fees depend on the course of study whether new or old students.


1. School fee: ##65,000

2. Accreditation fee: #10,000

3. Acceptance fee and biometric: #26,000

4. Departmental and faculty registration ranges from #7000 to #14,000 depending on department and faculty

5. Gss registration and result processing: #7000 Pounds to Naira

6. Unizik journal, history book, song, shirts, security handbook, etc #5,000

The bank charges and remitta cost of all the fees above are estimated to #4000 including the photocopies, passport, transport within school, and snacks involved in the journey.

TOTAL FEES FOR YEAR ONE IS FAIRLY ESTIMATED TO BE #120,000 there may be a possible balance.

Postgraduate school fees for new students

The following faculties having postgraduate studies in them include;
Faculty Law,
  • Faculty of Management Science,
  • Faculty of Medicine,
  • Faculty of Environmental Science,
  • Faculty of Рharmaceutical Science,
  • Faculty of Physical Science, Faculty of Biosciences,
  • Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Social Sciences,
  • Faculty of Arts,
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology Jamb Result
Faculty of Basic Medical Science, Faculty of Agriculture pay the following;
==>Tuition – N60,000
==>Library – N23,500
==>Laboratory and Workshop/Bench – N20,000 File/Id – N1,700
==>Elective Charges – N1,500 NHIS – N2,500
==>Certificate Verification (Ph.D.) – N6,000
==>Certificate Verification (M.Sc.) – N4,000
==>Total Fees to be paid (One O’level Certificate) PhD/M.Sc. – 115,200/113,200 Naira
==>Total Fees to be paid (Additional Certificate) – 117,200/115,200 Naira

Postgraduate diploma (All Faculties)

==>Tuition – N40,000
==>Library – N13,500 Dollar to Naira Rate
==>Laboratory and Workshop/Bench -N 10,000 File/Id – N1,700
==>Elective Charges – N1,500 NHIS – N2,500
==>Certificate Verification (PGD) – N4,000
==>Total Fees to be paid (One O’level Certificate) Ph.D./M.Sc. – 73,200
==>Naira Total Fees to be paid (Additional Certificate) – 75,200 Naira
==>Other charges Research Workshop (to be paid once) – N20,000
==>Accretion Levy (to be paid once) – N20,000
==>Late Registration (with effect from 2020/2021 session) – N10,000

Postgraduate School Fees For Returning Students

==>Tuition – N60,000
==>Library – N23,500
==>Laboratory of Workshop/Bench – N20,000
==>Elective Charges – N1,500 NHIS – N2,500
==>Total fees to be paid Ph.D./M.Sc. – N107,500
==>Postgraduate diploma (All faculties) Tuition – N40,000
==>Library – N13,500 Laboratory of Workshop/Bench – N10,000
==>Elective Charges – N1,500 NHIS – N2,500
==>Total fees to be paid Ph.D./M.Sc. – N67,500 Npower Recruitment
==>Postgraduate dues – 5,000 Naira.
==>To be paid into this account: Account Number – 0050261914 (Access Bank)
==>Account Name: PG Dues

Other postgraduate charges

==>Screening Test – N7,000 (Ph.D.) and N5,000 (Masters and PGD)
==>Research Workshop – N20,000 Jamb form 
==>Internal Defence – N12,500
==>Proposal – N10,000
==>SPGS Convocation Assembly – N5,000
==>SPGS Publications – Yet to be determined Accretion Levy – N20,000
==>Admission Application Form – N10,000
==>Registration of Courses (Carry-Over) – N2,000
==>Deferment of Programme – N5,000
==>Add and Drop – N2,000
==>Change of Department – N5,000
==>Change of Area of Specialisation – N2,000
==>Change of Mode of Study – N2,000
==>Request for Transcript: Internal Transcript – N1,000
==>External Transcript (Within the Country) – N10,000
==>International (Outside the Country): Asia/Australia/Middle East – N30,000;
==>America/Europe – N25,000; Waec Result
==>Africa – N20,000
==>Extension of Duration – N10,000 17
==>Final Defence Ph.D. – N60,000
==>Masters – N40,000 PGD – N10,000

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