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What is Jamb Past Questions?

Jamb past questions are a combination of all the questions that have been used during jamb examination or questions that were set and presented to candidates to answer during the jamb examination from the inception of JAMB as a means by which people are tested for admission into the higher institution of learning. This means that the past questions were comprised of different subjects and combinations. for example, science students will have the combinations such as mathematics, English language which is the general and compulsory subject for all fields of study, chemistry, and or physics. while an art student would have English, government, literature, C.R.S, or its equivalent. Jamb Past Questions

jamb past question is, therefore, the question for the above subjects put together and called Jamb subject combination. Questions with the subject combination(s) mentioned above are what will be given to a candidate to answer depending on their area of discipline. This also means that every candidate opting to write jamb will have to answer questions from four (4) subjects with limited time on the day of the examination.Waec Result

Why Do you Need Jamb past questions?

Having taken time to explain what jamb past questions are, it is important that we let you in on why you need jamb past questions. Jamb Past Questions

Over the years, many candidates who went through the process of writing jamb and were able to have good success can attribute a greater percentage of their success to the use of jamb past questions for preparation. The following are the reasons why you need the jamb past questions: Npower Recruitment

  1. For proper knowledge of what you are about to go in for. When you have the jamb past question, you will know how many questions you will be expected to answer, the duration for each paper for example if English language has 100 questions the time allotted to it will not be the same with a subject that has 50 questions. you will also know how the questions are patterned.
  2. the second reason why you need jamb past questions is for maximum preparation. With the preparation, you get having browsed and read through the past question be it jamb past question for English Language or jamb past questions for mathematics and your complete subject combination, you will have so much confidence that you have prepared well for the exams, therefore, success is inevitable.
  3. You need the jamb past questions for speed and accuracy in your exams. Considering the time allotted for jamb examination and the task you are expected to complete in such a short time, which means that the time may be short, you need the jamb past question so you can have the proper knowledge and when you get to the examination, you don’t have to waste so much time because you already know what to do and how to do it.Jamb form 
  4. If you have the jamb past question, it can also use it to guide your younger ones on any subject combination of their choice and watch them come out in flying colors. Pounds to Naira

Available Subjects:

We have jamb past questions available in all subjects.

Jamb Past Question Sample:

Below is the sample of jamb past question and how the answer

Read each passage carefully and answer the questions that follow it.
The approach to the University is being restructured
to ease the flow of traffic, give better security and provide an
appropriate introduction to a seat of higher learning. The Works
and Services Complex is also under construction, and we intend
to move into the completed {major}part of it within the next few
All these projects are being executed with an eye to
aesthetics, for we recognize the important influence of a beautiful
and healthy environment on its inhabitants and feel that a cluster
of buildings on a small space such as we have, should be so
well designed as to have a beneficial psychological and
sociological effect on all members of the community.
I have gone to these lengths to itemize these examples of
current development for two main reasons. Firstly, to advise you

that the road diversions and other physical inconveniences

currently being experienced will be on the increase because of

intense development activity. We, therefore, appeal to you to

bear with us in full knowledge and consolation that such

inconveniences are temporary and will soon yield final tangible

results. Secondly, to demonstrate our capacity for executing

approved projects with dispatch, and to assure Government

that we are up to the task. Indeed, I can assure Government that

its ability to disburse funds to us will be more than matched by

our capacity to collect and expend them on executing various worthy projects in record time.

1. From the passage we can gather that

A. there is not much consideration for the health of the inhabitants.
B. there is deliberate effort to inconvenience the people
C. buildings are put up anyhow
D. projects are carried out without approval
E. the inconveniences suffered by the inhabitants will be for a while.

2. Unless it can be shown that the money voted for projects

can be spent on them in good time.

A. the development activity will not be intense.
B. it will not be easy to convince the Government of

our executive ability
C. it will not be difficult to ask Government for funds
D. our final results will be unreliable.
E. the road diversions and other inconveniences will continue.

3. An eye to aesthetics in this passage means

A. regard for space.

B. beneficial psychological effects

C. regard for health

D. consideration for beauty
E. a cluster of buildings.

4. In this passage the author tries to explain why

A. it is necessary to establish the Works and Services Complex in the University.

B. beauty should not be taken into consideration when building on such a small space as we have

C. the gateway to the university is being rebuilt

D. major part of the project should be completed in the next few weeks.

E. visitors should be debarred from using the gates in

How To Get jamb Past questions:

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In conclusion, jamb past questions are very useful to prospective jamb candidates are advised to make good use of the rare opportunities by getting their jamb past questions available before even registering for the examination or if you have already registered, you still have time to prepare yourself adequately for the examination.

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