About Recharge and Get Paid (RAGP) | Everything you need to know

Recharge and Get Paid (RAGP) is a registered and licensed subscription vendor company.

RAGP is a platform that help create wealth for people. It gives you the license (Right) to own and operate your very own Virtual Top Up (VTU) business in the telecoms sector with Airtime, Data & Utility Bill payment.

RAGP is the simplest, easiest and fastest way to achieving wealth; it helps you set up Plan B financially and earn Residual incomes seamlessly.
Immediately after registration a Virtual Top Up ( VTU ) account will be provided for you which will be used to sell Airtime and Data (all network), Cable Tv Subscriptions,( DSTV, GOTV, and STARTIMES), PHCN. and *many more to be added very soon.


1. AIRTIME TOP UP – As a partner, u get paid 2% on every airtime u recharge, all networks.

2. INTERNET DATA – As a partner, u get paid 10% on every data u subscribe, all networks.

3. CABLE TV SUBSCRIPTION – As a partner, u get paid ₦40 anytime u pay DStv, GOtv & Startimes subscriptions.

4. ELECTRICITY BILL PAYMENT – As a partner, u get paid ₦40 anytime u pay PHCN bill on the platform.

By becoming a partner, u would have the opportunity to benefit from the above services.

No experience needed, no monthly fees, no targets, no renewal, u don’t need to quit ur job, u do this at ur own pace in ur spare time.

With RAGP you can make continuous cash on your phone from the comfort of ur home.


How to confirm RECHARGE AND GET PAID LTD Authenticity Details from CAC & NCC Official website.

* To Confirm on Corporate Affairs Comission ( CAC ) official website.
1. Open any browser on your phone

2. Locate d search bar always @ d top of d browser

3. Type in “publicsearch.cac.gov.ng/comsearch

4. Type in “RECHARGE AND GET PAID LTD ” in d search record by Name box

5. Click on d small box indicating “I’m not a robot” & follow d instruction accordingly

6. Click on ” Search ” & RAGP details wl be displayed

* To Confirm on Nigerian Communications Commission ( NCC ) official website*
1. Open any browser your phone

2. Locate ” Search bar ” always at the top of d browser

3. Type in “https://www.ncc.gov.ng/licensing-regulatory/licensing/licensees-list#sales-installation”

4. In d NCC Licensee portal, Locate d search box, type ” RECHARGE AND GET PAID LTD” & d RAGP details wl be displayed.


Few Benefits of this business, you have your own personal VTU that you can use at your own convenience. You can recharged DSTV for a client at even at midnight

U register, u get 20% back
U buy airtime ,u get 2%
U buy data, u get 10%
U subscribe cables( DSTV, GOTV or Startimes)u get N40 back
U pay electricity bill for yourself and others, u get paid N40
U bring people, u get 20% back
They recharge, u get 0.35%
They buy data, u get 1%
They subscribe cables, u get N10 on each
They pay electricity bill, u get N10 on each
They bring people, u get 10% to 1%
The company pays you leadership bonuses for those in 50k platinum package ranging from N100k to N6m👉


Basically, RECHARGE AND GET PAID gives you a franchise licence to a portal through which you can carry out your regular VTU, Data, Cable TV & Utility Bill Transactions.

It’s a preferred alternative to all other providers of the same service because it is only in RAGP that you GET PAID for doing these same transactions you’ve been doing. All other service providers only DEBIT you… but RAGP CREDITS YOU.

So, when u register with a onetime payment for ur preferred package, you’d have an e-wallet account, with your unique username & password. You’d also get back 20% of what u registered with. In ur e-wallet account, u could do any of the following transactions:

🌀transfer airtime & data
🌀pay for cable subscriptions
🌀pay electricity bill
🌀transfer & receive e-wallet funds
🌀withdraw e-wallet funds to ur local bank
🌀upgrade to a higher package
🌀pay for new registrations
🌀monitor all ur transactions

🔆Pls note, the registration fee for the packages only give u access to become a beneficiary of the platform. U still need to buy units which u could sell as airtime, data, etc.

✍🏼Units are the available funds in ur e-wallet account to pay for a transaction, e.g ₦100 = 100 units = ₦100 worth of airtime.


• Registration Bonus – U get back 20% of ur registration fee immediately after registration, regardless of ur package.

• Vtu Bonus – U get paid anytime u recharge anyone, regardless of ur package.
👤📱Airtime – 2%
👤🖥Data – 10%
👤📺Cable subscription – ₦40
👤💡PHCN bill payment – ₦40

• Partner’s Commission – U get paid anytime new distributors join you or your team on ur 1st five to ten levels deep, depending on ur package. Commission is different for each level.
🗣👥1st level – 20% (direct business partner)
🗣👥2nd level – 10%
🗣👥3rd level – 5%
🗣👥4th level – 2.5%
🗣👥5th level – 1.25%
🗣👥6th-10th level – 1%

• Vtu Bonus from downlines – U get paid anytime ur business partners recharge anyone. Commission is paid on ur 1st five to ten levels deep, depending on ur package and is the same for each level:
👥👥📱Airtime – 0.35%
👥👥🖥Data – 1%
👥👥📺Cable subscription – ₦10
👥👥💡PHCN bill payment – ₦10

📈RAGP has a uni-level compensation plan which allows u to sponsor as many people as u want on ur front line (first level). This is no matrix system, no break away and certainly no leg balancing!

📊U gain points for every registration and upgrade in ur team. These points are known as Point Values (PV) and they accumulate to qualify u for more incentives:

🎗Monthly Bonus (₦100k) – U qualify for this incentive for every month ur Monthly PV is not less than 10k.

🎗Dubai Trip (₦500k) – U qualify for this incentive when ur Cumulative PV is not less 25k.

🎗Car Fund (₦2million) – U qualify for this incentive when ur Cumulative PV is not less than 60k.

🎗1st House Fund (₦3million) – U qualify for this incentive when ur Cumulative PV is not less than 100k.

🎗2nd House Fund (₦4million) – U qualify for this incentive when ur Cumulative PV is not less than 250k.

🎗3rd House Fund (₦6million) – U qualify for this incentive when ur Cumulative PV is not less than 500k.

💵How to Cashout

All earnings are credited into your e-wallet account. U can convert to cash in any of the following ways:

🌀withdraw to ur local bank account.
🌀sell to customers as vtu (recharge).
🌀use to pay for new registrations.
🌀sell to other distributors as e-wallet funds.


🎯What is the name of the company( RECHARGE AND GET PAID)

🎯 What is the name of ur ceo( OSITADINMA OSHOPO)

🎯 When was the company founded( 2015 )

🎯What are ur products( VTU for airtime,data,cable and phcn )

🎯Do u hv an office in Nigeria( Yes,in abuja)

🎯Is the company registered with CAC(Yes)

🎯 Are u sure this company wont fold up like others( As long as we have people we will always need these VTU products)

🎯How do i join your company( Get a link from who told u abt the company and signup)

🎯 must i refer before i start making money( No,u can make money from distributing VTU products)

🎯 Getting pple is hard,how do i go abt it( One on one, Flyers, Social media- Facebook, instagram etc)

🎯 Why should i target leaders to join me( They have influence on people already)

🎯 You said referring pple is very good,how pls?( The mouth watering compensation plan for referral and VTU bonus is for only those who refer others)

🎯 how many pple am i expected to directly refer( atleast 3)

🎯 Can i refer more than 3 people directly (Yes)

🎯 Does spillovers help my downlines( No it doesnt)

🎯How then can i help my downlines( You can choose to use their usernames to signup people)

🎯 Is the VTU for all networks( Yes MTN,GLO,AIRTEL & 9mobile)

🎯 How do i sell this VTU(from ur customized VTU wallet)

🎯The monies in my ewallet how do i get it as cash to spend(u can transfer to ur bank everyday, sell to others who need wallet OR sell as VTU)

🎯What about PVs,wat are they used for(To qualify for monthly leadership bonuses and incentives)

🎯How do i accumulate PVs(( strictly from signups and upgrades)

🎯 What is the benefit of upgrading( helps u avoid loosing referral commissions,point values and Vtu bonuses)

🎯What if i dont wish to upgrade(u loose all i just mentioned on d benefits of upgrading)

🎯 How do i upgrade(simple,hv the ewallet in ur acct and click d upgrade icon)

🎯What is the difference between the monthly PV and cumulative PV( monthly pv qualifies u for d monthly #100000 and u must achieve 10000pv in a month while cumulative pv qualifies u for incentives,no time frame to qualify)

🎯If I do not make Leadership Bonus this month, what happens to my PVs(it rolls over to ur cummulative PV)

🎯Can I make Leadership bonus every month?(YES U CAN….just be passionate abt ur biz)

🎯If I accumulate more than 100,000PV, will i still be earning?(Yes u will…check out the just added incentives 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻)

🎯 Do i get PV and commissions for my indirect sign ups?(Yes u do)

🎯 How do i earn VTU bonus{from the recharge of airtime(0.35%) and data(1%) of all ur downlines from level 1-10}

🎯 Can people outside Nigeria join RAGP(No for now…..Nigerian market is very big and untapped)

🎯When i register wit 5k/50k and am given 1k/10k as my registration bonus where will 4k/40k go to?( to set up ur online office,pay ur uplines and part to company to sustain the company for u)

🎯How does hving more direct referrals help me in RAGP( it increases ur chances of hving active downlines,helps u earn more referral bonuses,point values and vtu bonuses)


This is how to register.

Step 1: Copy this referral ID: 👉 disc20

You will need it right now. 

How to Register Recharge and Get paid

Step 2: Visit https://rechargeandgetpaid.com/register.php

Step 3: Type in or paste the referral ID 👉 disc20

Step 4: Complete the form with your name and other details; your first name, last name, email, phone number, your username, and password and click on the “NEXT” button.

Step 5: Login with your newly registered Username and Password and continue to fill the next form.

Step 6: Select Membership Registration Package.

See each package and their benefits below;

📙Basic = ₦5,000 – You get ₦1000 bonus + 20PV. You earn up to 5th level deep.

📘Bronze = ₦10,000 – You get ₦2000 bonus + 40PV. You earn up to 6th level deep.

📗Silver = ₦20,000 – You get ₦4000 bonus + 80PV. You earn up to 7th level deep.

📕Gold = ₦30,000 – You get ₦6000 bonus + 120PV. You earn up to 8th level deep.

📔Diamond = ₦40,000 – You get ₦8000 bonus + 160PV. You earn up to 9th level deep.

📓Platinum = ₦50,000 – You get ₦10,000 bonus + 200PV. You earn up to 10th level deep.

📓Executive Platinum = ₦100,000 – You get ₦20,000 bonus + 400PV. You earn up to 10th level deep.

Step 7: Choose the payment gateway.

There are two payment options:
E-wallet and Paystack. I recommend you choose PAYSTACK to pay with your ATM card. It’s quite easy. It’s only existing RAGP members that have and can use E-WALLET to pay. When you pay, your eWallet will be activated. Click the “Next” button.

Step 8: Supply your bank details: This is the account you will use to withdraw money from your Recharge and Get Paid account.  Click the “Next” button.

Step 9: You are on the payment page now. Click on “Pay via PayStak” button.

Step 10: You are on the PayStack secure payment page. Supply your ATM card details and click the “Pay” button.

You are done!

Wealthcome to the Business! 

If you have difficulties in registering or payment, kindly chat with me via WhatsApp 08026529647. I will help you instantly.

I also invite you to Recharge and Get Paid seminars every Saturdays at NOVA Cybercafe, No, 45 Ikot Ekpene Road, Uyo. Akwa Ibom State.

My name is Ifiokobong Ibanga, the founder of  InfoGuideNigeria.com, MakeMoneyOnline.com.ng, myPastQuestion.com and many other online businesses.

I am not the owner of Recharge and Get Paid, but a member who has benefited from this business for over 8 months now.

As a blogger and digital marketer, I consume a lot of internet data and recharge cards. This business, Recharge and Get Paid help me to save a lot of money by paying me every time I buy recharge card, subscribe for data and so on…

My duty here is to explain “Recharge and Get Paid” Business to you using simple English. After reading this page, you will fully understand what RAGP is all about.

I am also available if you have any question about this business. I organize seminars on Recharge and Get Paid and other internet business opportunities every Saturdays at NOVA Cybercafe, No, 45 Ikot Ekpene Road, Uyo. Akwa Ibom State.

You can also join my Recharge and Get Paid WhatsApp group chat. Join online presentations, ask, questions, and meet new friends.

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